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Jon He Does It! is a hidden camera prank show that was formulated as a spin-off of Delocated that stars "Jon" as a prankster who pranks unsuspecting citizens of New York City. The idea for the show initially sparked when "Jon" and Mighty Joe Jon pranked each other back and forth randomly.

The show itself was thought to be real by "Jon" but in reality was never actually filmed or green lighted to be produced, which Mighty Joe Jon later stated.

Televised Prank Sequences[]

  • Pizza Delivery Boy (Stolen Pizza Prank) - "Jon" dons a pizza delivery boy uniform and fills up an empty pizza box by taking pizza out of the hands from people eating a slice. He then reveals his identity and the cameras when they get concerned.
  • Burka (Directions Prank) - "Jon" dons a robe garb asks a man in fake arabic gibberish where directions to the Broadway theatre is. He later asks where Jon He Does It is located before demasking his costume and revealing his identity.
  • Beekeeper (Bee on Wire Prank) - "Jon" dons a bee keeper jumpsuit and uses a plush bee attached to a wire to scare people not paying attention. When the prankee alarmed of the bee's presence jumps, "Jon" reveals his identity and takes his headgear off.
  • Barry The Barista (Tea Prank) - "Jon" dons hipster clothes and attitude to become a Barista at a coffee shop that sells a special style of tea. The initial concept of the prank centered on "Jon" coming out with a cup that had a giant wooden figure of the letter "T" in it. The prank backfired when the enraged prankee goes on a rampage, cutting the prank short.

Known Characters[]

Conceptual Characters[]

  • A Brooklyn Guy
  • A Woman
  • "What's Goin' On You?" Character
  • Hippie Guy
  • Japanese Pop Tart
  • Federal Agent
  • Gay Italian
  • Robotic Jew

Televised Characters[]

  • Pizza Delivery Boy
  • Burka
  • "Asshole" The Bee Keeper
  • Barry, The New York City Hipster and Barista